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     As a parent, one of the first choices we will make is how to feed our child. Munchkin asked me to share with you my experience with Munchkin LATCH and how is has benefited my breastfeeding goals. 
     I chose to breastfeed all of my kids, and while I loved the experience, I felt like my husband was missing out. I had hours to bond with the kids and he was never able to watch their eyes slowly close while they would feed. For me, it was important that my husband also got to experience everything that I did with our children. I was concerned about switching between breast and bottle, because I didnt want my kiddos to get confused. They were the same worries most moms have. What if my kids like the bottle, so they don't want to latch on again? What if they don't want to nurse anymore? What if they forget how? 
     With my youngest son, he uses Munchkin LATCH, and always has. They transition from breast to bottle is seamless. We have the best of both worlds. I still breastfeed, but when my hubby wants to feed, or I need the night off, Munchkin LATCH is there for my little one! The bottle is BPA Free and grows with him. It is available in different sizes which I love! 
     I love the Munchkin LATCH bottles because they are designed to help any mom meet their breastfeeding goals. Proper latch is achieved when mom’s nipple reaches all the way back to baby’s soft palate. While other bottles may look like the breast, the one-of-a-kind LATCH accordion nipple moves, stretches, and functions like the breast, helping baby latch easily and correctly. This eases baby’s transition from breast to bottle and back. 
     When you are transitioning between breast and bottle like I do, experts agree it is best that the bottle flow mimics mom by releasing more breast milk as baby pushes against the nipple’s base. The Munchkin LATCH Stage 1 is made with a reduced rate to mimic the breast. With Stages 2 and 3, the flow increases as your little one grows and your supply increases. 
     Colic is always a huge concern in parents. The LATCH bottle offers a simple way to reduce colic without the extra pieces and parts. The accordion-style LATCH nipple flexes as baby moves her head, allowing her to maintain her latch while decreasing ingestion of air. Plus, the anti-colic valve located at the bottom of the LATCH bottle allows for breast milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles don’t travel through, reducing gas and fussiness.
     While LATCH is available at Target and Babies’R’Us, you can pick and choose your bottle size and nipple stage to perfectly suit your baby’s feeding needs exclusively on Plus, enjoy a great discount when you buy more bottles on — save up to 15% off your LATCH bottle purchase!
This post is brought to you by Munchkin LATCH as part of the #LoveLatch campaign.


Marya Mann
05/01/2015 2:36pm

Where was this when my daughter was a baby?! She wouldn't take a bottle for us :/ Thanks for the review. I certainly keep this in mind!!


You know I just recently gave birth to my first baby and I don’t know much things about parenting, But your site is really helping me a lot. Every time you post this is new and unique for me. It will surely help me to be a good mommy. Many thanks for your gestures.


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