For a fraction of what you'd pay at a mall for a cheaper version, you can protect your phone w/o the ugly, heavy cases. Don't you want your iPhone 6 to look this good?
     With this slim iPhone 6 cover, have the coolest iPhone that stands apart from the rest! Excellent grip, comfortable and easy to get in and out of your purse or pocket.

      This is the lightest, best looking, and protects the most at this price on Amazon! Scratch-resistant and non-slip! Order before they're sold out.  Order below! 
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Sandy Cain
04/17/2015 7:07am

These look really nice! You're right, too, about the ugly, clunky ones at the mall kiosks - never been happy with one of them yet. The non-slip part is my favorite feature, I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my phone!

Sandy Cain
04/17/2015 7:08am

PS...Your daughter is adorable!!!!

08/12/2017 9:45am

This phone case is really lovely. I dropped my phone and also break so many phones like this because I hate to attach back covers on my cell phone. But this cover is really cool and I would love to have this for my phone.


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