When I became a mommy, my jewelry alternatives became severely limited. When you are toting around a little one, anything you have around your neck becomes their next toy. Most jewelry is a choke hazard, so I had to stop wearing it all together. With Stella Mamma, this jewelry solves the problem completely. 
     These necklaces are completely non toxic but what I absolutely love is that they break away when the baby pulls on them. With these high quality silicone necklaces, you can now wear jewlery again even when carrying a little one. They are free to chew, hold, and play with these necklaces as you are wearing them. 

     I love all the different design options from Stella Mamma. They are absolutely beautiful, but unique and colorful. Check out thewebsite here where you are sure to find something that you will love! 
     Stella Mamma designs make beautiful gifts also. If you have a mom in your life, Stella Mamma is having a wonderful Mother's Day special! Be sure to check it out!
     Be sure to go to my Giveaway page to win your own necklace! 
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Angie Williams
04/07/2017 3:04am


04/19/2017 12:23am

That is beautiful necklace for the mothers that have amazing look and beautiful design too. I would like to made such delighted necklace at home too because I love creative work and really enjoy to do such creative art. Thanks for sharing the great update and the video about necklace reviews.


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