Each of my kiddos are incredible readers and they have learned to be by starting to read at an early age. We taught them to love books that were fun and educational, just like Usborne Books
     Usborne Books are brightly colored and filled with knowledge. They are high quality and durable, we have Usborne books that have been passed down from our oldest to youngest child. 

     Our most recent Usborne Books edition is "the zoo". This is a super cute book for little ones just starting their reading journey. It is hardcover, so it is going to withstand drooling, chewing, and tantrums. The zoo is brightly colored and had little tabs to open to each animal you will find in the zoo! In the book, there are zebras, tigers, penguins, polar bears, and monkeys. My little guy loved the book and reads it daily! 
     Usborne is not just for little kids. Their book age ranges are from baby to middle school. If you have kiddos, Usborne is an excellent resource to shop for your children's books. They are affordably priced and well within anyone's budget, and your kiddo will have them for years! 
     Take a moment, and visit the Usborne site here, You can also host a party with the amazing Kristina Ayers. The parties are a ton of fun, and you can get great hostess rewards! Contact here HERE on the site! 
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Megan Allen
04/29/2015 8:15pm

I love these books! They are so educational for my kiddos!


For the development of children’s reading skills the parents must provide them interesting story books. The kids trying to learn from story books and able to pick worlds by own. Thanks for the reviews about how we can teach children wisely really appreciated.


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