Anything that makes bath time with children easier is amazing in my book!! Dial has an entire line of hand and bath products to make your kiddo smell great! 
     The Dial Foaming Hand Soap is a great way to teach your child good handwashing techniques. It makes hand washing fun, but also foams up to kill all the nasty germs that live on your little one's hands. 

     The Dial Hair and Body Was is a gentle wash for ages 0-2. I love this wash because no matter how old kiddos get, they still hate soap in their eyes! This is a mild was for babies that even little ones with sensitive skin can use. 
     You can check out both of these products on the Dial site here
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Marnie G (Derrick Todd)
05/01/2015 8:11am

I love the foaming hand soap for kids. It makes hand washing "fun".


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