Our family loves Houdini, so when I had the opportunity to review this super cool game from Think Fun Games, I was beyond excited! Think Fun always has incredible games that challenge us. I love that they are not the traditional board games, but ones that are brainteasers and challenges. 
     Houdini is not as easy as it sounds and will keep you challenged for hours. If you get too stumped, you can always find the puzzle solutions here! 
     This is a fun game that we play on a regular basis. I love to watch my kids attempt to figure out the challenges, but my hubby and I also play with it too. 

     This Houdini game takes one of our favorite historical figures and turns it into a super fun game. Houdini is the world's first 40-challenge escape puzzle. I love that kiddos aged eight and up love this game, but it is also perfect to challenge adults. 
     Houdini is the perfect brain teaser for on the go too! Although it does have small pieces, the game comes with a handy storage pouch. Since we travel as much as we do, this is great for hotel rooms and camping to keep us occupied. We love trying to solve the puzzles! 
     Want to bring Houdini to your home? Click the Amazon link below! Also, be sure to see Houdini in action below! 
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Thank you so much for sharing the video reviews about Houdini game. That is quite fun game for the kids and little bit complicated in beginning but after some time you would become expert in it. I really wanted this game hope that is available online easily.


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