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     We all know that as soon as school lets out, everyone is out playing and having fun. A scary fall, sunburn, or a bee sting can happen at any moment and Doctor on Demand is on call any time of day. 
     The fantastic app Doctor on Demand allows you to speak with a doctor any time of day, seven days a week. The app allows you to avoid the busy ER, germy waiting room, and costly co-pays. Skeptical? I was too! Then, I tried the Doctor on Demand app myself. It put my mind totally at ease, and I knew this was an app that would stay permanently on my phone. 
     As most of my readers know, we are an always on the go family. While on a recent camping trip, our two year old found his way into some Poison Ivy. Since I am extremely allergic, and he has very sensitive skin, we felt safer seeking medical attention. We were miles from any town, and hours from our pediatrician. What I did have access to was the Doctor on Demand app. Within minutes, I was able to schedule an appointment and speak to a doctor about my little man. Our camping trip was saved and he was comfortable for the rest of the time. Doctor on Demand saved the day! 
     Doctor on Demand is super easy to use. It is available as an app on your mobile device, and you can schedule for any time that is convenient for you. After opening the app, you make an appointment with a doctor of your choosing. Then, when it comes time for the appointment, you open the app and a video appointment is started between you and the doctor. The Doctor on Demand app is amazing for summertime and when you may need medical attention on the go. When you want to use the Doctor on Demand app for the first time, you can use the code HOME and get your first visit free! 
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Tina Warren-Peoples
06/14/2015 8:16pm

What a Godsend! I will def be downloading this app asap!

08/22/2017 8:12am

Hola! I felt that mainstream writing is boring and Old School is enough to entertain. But now, I am changing my opinion because this article changed my view on mainstream writing, much appreciation!


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