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     It is always a very difficult situation when you have a child who suffers from anxiety. Two of my children have struggled with anxiety issues since my divorce and it has dramatically affected them and our family. 
     GoZen! is an incredible website developed for children (but not limited to kiddos). It consists of six modules that are made up of five or six animations in each module. The program is made up so that a child goes through one module every few days. When a module is completed, there is an interactive practice session to go through. This includes downloadable worksheets, bonus animations, and more. It is an all inclusive curriculum to help your little one through this difficult time. 

     I truly love GoZen! because it is not specific for children. The coping skills addressed can be used my anyone, no just kids. The beauty of the program is that it is universal. This amazing anxiety relief program can be accessed on any mobile device or computer at any time. It is made for an adult to go through the program with the child, but kids can access the program on their own. 
     My children and I went through the GoZen! program together. We are currently working our way through the modules and it has made a tremendous difference. I love that we have the ability to access GoZen! from anywhere at any time, when it is convenient for us. My kiddos were very skeptical at first, when I told them about the program. Keep in mind we are dealing with a ten year old girl and a fifteen year old boy. They assumed it would all be "childish" stuff that they didn't have time for. As we worked our way through the modules, they actually began to enjoy it. The humor added to the programs engages the kids and makes it much more fun. It isn't the dry classroom type "learning modules" that my kids were expecting to see. Instead, they had fun with the program, and they started the to develop coping mechanisms to deal with their anxiety. 
     Another part of the program we had the opportunity to try out was the GoZen! Widdle the Worrier Doll. This adorable doll is phenomenal for children facing anxiety issues. He is complete with sound, and says phrases like "I get how you feel, it's okay. A little worry can protect us.", " Go catch your thoughts. Are you exaggerating? Tell me about the facts." This doll was perfect for my younger child dealing with anxiety. My older son, not so much. I can see it being an extremely useful tool for a child. It is super cute, so it looks like a typical stuffed animal. However, it also reminds the child of things they need to keep in the forefront when anxiety gets the best of them. 
     GoZen! is a life changing program. If you have a child who is trying to cope with it in your life, then you really must visit their site here. It is truly the best thing I have ever done with my children. 
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Linda Manns Linneman
07/16/2015 9:09am

This sounds like a great program. I am going to check it out because I worry about my grandchildren as mommy and daddy are divorced. Thank you so much for sharing

06/19/2017 12:03am

This is really informative. And I wanted to add one thing that one of the reasons of the kids to have anxiety situation, if the parents have not good relationship between each other and it affects to the kids a lot. And in the fight of parents’ kids suffers a lot and us as parents couldn’t understand this thing easily.


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