If you are looking for an easy way to clean the carpets and rugs, this is it. It's simply amazing. It cleans old stains as well as new. It does a magnificent job cleaning stains in upholstery, cloths, shoes, floor, carpet, rugs, red wine, coffee, pet stains, human stains, cat and dog urine, vomit, blood. It eliminates most water-based and oil-based stains and it's Made In The USA.
     Other carpet cleaners leave residue that attracts dirt or leaves unpleasant marks behind. This special commercial grade formula works harder and better than other consumer choices.

     The 6-pack easily makes 6 32-oz spray bottles (Note: Professional Spray Bottle Included) at a fraction of the cost of other leading brands, plus it's commercial grade. Since the refills fit in the palm of your hand your storage requirements for cleaners just got significantly reduced. Refills completely dissolve leaving nothing leftover. No need to buy a new plastic bottle every time you're out of cleaning product, simply reuse your existing bottle. Since our high quality professional bottle is included, you are assured of many future uses.
     To order yours, click the Amazon link below! 
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Sandra Watts
06/23/2015 9:56pm

I wondered how this worked. Thanks for posting your review on it.

Christy Caldwell
06/24/2015 8:52am

I really need to try this. I have a big rug across my hardwood that could benefit greatly.

Brandy Y.
06/24/2015 9:00pm

This would come in handy as my cats like to sit on our laminate floor and throw up onto the rug when they puke up a hairball. They are jerks! lol. It is hard to completely clean those stains out. When I do find something good it discolors my rug.

Linda Manns Linneman
07/02/2015 12:21pm

With two small grandchildren and a dog, I could really use this product. I love that it is commercial grade. I will have to give this a try. Thank you for sharing


Its an amazing post to be read on Carpet Cleaning. Fabric Stains always be so problematic for me.


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