Our family loves hiking. It is our favorite past time that we do all year around, no matter the weather. Hillsound's FreeSteps6 get you the traction you need to maintain footing no matter the situation you are faced with. Do you think crampons are only for winter use? We use them in the spring and summer too. They are awesome for when you are wading in creek beds and you find yourself on muddy trails. 

     The coolest part about Hillsound's FreeStep6 is that they do not change how your shoe feels, only how it acts. So, you pop them on your shoe or boot and you are able to traverse any sort of terrain. The FreeStep6 crampons are lightweight and easy to use. They utilize high quality stainless steel for the chains and spikes that will make it easier for you to get anywhere you want to go. 
     Check out the FreeStep6 crampons and other amazing Hillsound products on their website HERE. Also, be sure to give them a follow on Facebook and twitter to keep up with the latest news. 
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Linda Manns Linneman
07/09/2015 1:46pm

This sounds like a good idea. My son loves hiking so he would probably get alot of use out of these. Thank you so much for sharing


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