Since I am the mother of three kids, and one of them is still very little, I used to receive many gifts which would help me out during the hard work of keeping them tidy and happy. I had so many of gifts, that soon I made a list of it, which are less needed, and a list which is essential for a new mom. That includes not only stuff, but some pampering activities as well. I would like to share it with you, because this is how you can save money and nerves while purchasing the best gift for your friend, and also be sure that she will like it. So, get through this list and get some great ideas to pamper your friend with a little baby by her side.
Baby Care Essentials 
 One of the best gifts for new mommies would also be some baby care items and products, which are really essential. These are the perfect gifts for first-time moms too. At the very beginning, it is super hard to shop for absolutely everything essential, and also it will help new mom to save money as well. So purchase such items like bouncer sets, changing stations or blankets, and be sure that your gift is practical. Need to find the best place to shop for such items? Neiman Marcus actually has the special line for new moms. Also, with 10-20% Off promo codes for Neiman Marcus you can receive some great discounts too. Items from there will be a great gift for everyone, so get the best of them and hurry up to baby welcoming party. 
 Day at Spa Another 
Amazing gift for new moms is a day free from all the daily routines. Gift them a day at the nearest spa and let her treat herself just for a day. It will not only help her to relax but also will improve her looks and health. So, gift her massage, facial, and other full day spa treatments to boost her energy.
House Cleaning 
 Help her take care of the house by cleaning it for her. Because house cleaning after having a baby is not the top priority at that time, do it for her yourself, with a group of friends, or simply order cleaning service for a day. It will definitely help any new mom and will make a great gift too. Shopping For Clothing What can be better than a day of shopping with your friends for new clothes? New moms need some new items in their wardrobes, because of their new slightly different body. This shopping trip can also be a great girls’ day out, then you and your new mommy friend can chat for a whole day and shop together! So, just take her out for a day and purchase some new nice fitted clothing to make her look great.
Clothes for Baby 
 Gift new mom a set of new baby clothes in various sizes and make her life a little bit easier too. Since babies tend to besmear their clothing pretty quickly, new mom needs to change it very often. That means a huge pile of dirty items and a lack of clean ones. So, gift her some cute and practical clothes for her baby and make her life easier too. Or, you can come over and do the laundry yourself! It will be as good as new clothing for sure.


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