Our family loves bikes, and the one way we can make it better is by bringing biking indoors. The Schwinn Biking Game allows us to do just that. This is a super cute game for the entire family. We all love it and even our youngest family members get in on the Schwinn action! 
     This is a game that is fit for 2-8 players and is great for ages 4 to adult. It allows kids and adults to be challenged in a quick and easy to play game. Typically a normal game takes about 20-30 minutes to play, but you will have so much fun you will want to play a second! 
     I love that this game has questions that are appropriate for all age brackets. So, everyone is going to have a ton of fun playing. Kids will be much more comfortable with level one questions while adults and bike experts can go to the upper ranks. The game play is a ton of fun and you can see it explained in the video below. My children especially loved the pawns you use to move throughout the game. They are actual Schwinn bikes (how cool is that??). The classic "Grey Ghost" was my personal favorite to use. 
     If you have a bike lover in your family, they will love this, it is a must have. Or, if you are just looking for a way to bring your family past time indoors, this is a perfect way to do so!Go here to purchase it now! 

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