Any gamer knows the worst thing that could happen while playing is your finger slipping off a joystick. The Combat Grips by HC Gamerlife prevent that from happening ever again. They are simple to apply and remove and make game play a breeze. 
     They are the perfect upgrade to a new controller and give new life to a worn out controller you may have been thinking about replacing. They're specifically made to fit only the Xbox ONE controllers so they fit perfectly and are easy to stretch on right over the existing grips whether new or old plus, because the fit is tight, they stay on even during intense game play and only come off when you want to take them off.
     Unlike other similar grips these grips are made with a special blend silicone that is soft enough for comfort yet so durable that HC GamerLike offer a LIFETIME warranty! They come in two "Styles"
Gripmax or No Sweat
Each style is available in a "Sniper" version or a "Close Combat" version
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