These flat cable earphones offer stunning stereo sound and a deep, booming bass, providing an amazing overall listening experience for their size. With durable materials used in manufacturing and a robust design, these are a perfect option if you're looking for exercise headphones or just some casual listening.
     The FSL sound isolating earbuds come with 3 adjustable sizes of rubber eartips, small, medium and large. Whatever your ear size, you are guaranteed a snug, comfortable fit that blocks out external noise and delivers clear, high quality sound with booming bass to your ear. Carrying pouch is also included.
     These noise isolating earbuds are compatible with any electronic device that uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This means all versions of the iPod and iPhone, all Android phones, all tablets, laptops, PCs, portable gaming systems and CD or DVD players.
     To purchase yours from Amazon, click the link below! 
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