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     Each year when school lets out, my kiddos are ready to start their summer. I also make sure we have a solid plan to keep leaning in place during those three months. I realize that while we are having fun and keeping cool in the hot weather, a lot of important skills can be forgotten. Our family keeps a balance by using an amazing summer learning website from Carson-Dellosa. This site makes summer learning fun and interactive while helping my children keep the skills necessary for the fall. 
     My children have been using the Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website since they have been off of school. They love the site and how easy it is to use. My daughter was able to find a ton of reading recommendations from reading list that we downloaded and I love the monthly goals. Writing the goals out and seeing what we are working towards gives you and your child something concrete. When your child achieves those goals, it is even more exciting! The really wonderful part is with the Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website, all they need to do is use it for fifteen minutes a day! It is truly amazing. Since we travel extensively, Carson-Dellosa comes with us. The kids do their summer learning on the road. The site is easy to use and is filled with activities to keep your child engaged. 
     Carson-Dellosa conducted a survey on summer learning and the importance of it. The study showed that 84% of teachers say their students forgot skills or grade-level equivalency during the summer. This free website from Carson-Dellosa can prevent your little one from falling into that same summer slump. You will have access to free and fun educational games, sample books, printable worksheets, and activities. We love to print out the worksheets and we use them when we are driving. On the site, you will have access to over 900 standards-aligned reproducible activities.  Our kids have little travel bags they carry with reading material, pencils, clip boards, and their Carson-Dellosa printables. You can fight the summer learning slump anywhere! 
     On the website, kids have access to fun and educational games. They are going to be learning, but also enjoying themselves. It won't be a fight to have your child do their "summer homework". On the Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website you will also find certificates to reward your child's achievements, resource guides and more. It is truly a one-stop shop for summer learning. 
     Using the Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website has been so beneficial for our family. We have loved how simple it is to use and it is free! My kids love that they have fun with it and it doesn't take forever. Instead, they sit down for fifteen minutes each day and it is time they look forward to. It is never a fight. I love that my children enjoy it. It is simple for me to track their progress and I feel amazing when my kids reach their goals. I know they are going to be ready for the next school year! 
     Go to Carson-Dellosa now, and get your child ready for the fall! In just fifteen minutes a day, you can stop them from losing all the skills they need to remain competitive. 
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Linda Manns Linneman
07/06/2015 7:22am

I have never heard of this website before but I will be checking it out for my grandkids. I agree with the fact that kids can forget alot during the summer. Learning needs to be year around. Thank you so much for sharing

07/07/2015 11:24am

this is very nice blog


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