Cars are a staple in homes with children. Our home has hundreds, if not thousands, of little Matchbox cars. Little Man loves to push them around and play with them. He also loves trucks, trains and anything with wheels. InRoad Toys PlayTape allows Little Man to play with his vehicles absolutely anywhere. They are adhesive roads that you can apply to walls, floors, and more. He loves that he has a new play area, and I love that they are easy to clean up. 
     If you love to inspire creative play in your children, Play Tape is the way to do it. This tape is easy to tear, sticks to any flat surface, and can be repositioned when your child wants a new road! InRoad Toys PlayTape is recyclable, disposable, and toxin-free. 
     For our family, we constantly travel. Play Tape is an easy way to take roads with us. It takes up so much less room than a play set, and it is much more convenient. We use it in hotels to make roads and keep Little Man entertained. 
     Want to find out more about InRoad Toys PlayTape? Check out the website here. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter to keep up with all their latest news. 
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09/22/2017 3:40am

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