What we feed our dogs matters, a lot. It affects their coat, health, and their attitude. I feed my dogs Instinct Raw because it is all natural food that is balanced and wholesome. The food is never cooked, so your furry friend is getting only ingredients which will be beneficial for maximum nutrient absorption. This means your pet is going to have a shiner coat, a better life, and be happier.  
     I get my Instinct Raw from chewy.com because it is so easy and convienient. I order and in a day or two all my pet's goodies are at my doorstep. I love using chewy.com because they have over 400 high quality brands to choose from. They also have 24/7 customer support, which is incredibly helpful. Chewy.com and Instinct Raw helps me to keep my dogs happy and healthy. You have to try it too! 
     Head over to chewy.com to place your order now! You won't believe the selection they have waiting for you! 
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