When you have kiddos in your house, you more than likely have Legos. They are super fun and educational, but they can also create a giant mess. The one major problem is trying to keep them sorted and in order. I have three children, the oldest being sixteen. So, we have tubs of Legos in our home. For years, I have walked across the floor stepping on these sharp, tiny bricks. Now, I have found a solution that makes me, and my children happy. Box4Blox is a creative way to store your Legos! It is simple to use, and when not in use, it looks super cute on display! 
     One of the worst things is when you are running the vacuum and you hear that dreaded noise. You know a Lego is stuck in your vacuum. The sound is unmistakeable. Box4Blox prevents that from happening again. This super handy storage solution is a series of four trays that stack. The Lego pieces drop through a slot in the top and fall to the proper destination. They are then divided by size, which makes them easier to find when your little builders want to play! 
     Box4Blox is incredibly simple to use! Want to see how? Check out our video below to see it in action. Be sure to go here to visit the Box4Blox website and pick up one for your home. This is the best invention since Lego, so don't miss out! Next time you step on a Lego, you will wish you had a Box4Blox in your home! 
     Be sure to go to my Giveaway page where you can enter to win your own Box4Blox now! 
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