When you play sports, the one thing you know is that socks matter. These perfect socks prevent blisters while you play. The one thing you don't want to have to deal with when on the court is sore feet! These socks are a must have! With high elastic fabric from the arch to ankle in a figure-eight shape; it provides outstanding support to the arch, enhances ankle stability and reduces plantar pressure.
     The annular design in arch area provides extra support to prevent over-pronation, lessen fatigue of the feet and enhance the performance. The cushion on the instep protects the dorsum and decreases the discomfort caused by the dorsum rubbing against the undersurface of the shoes. The mesh around the toe and ankle provide maximum air flow and breathability. This keeps your feet dry throughout the game and provides better grips of your shoes.
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04/09/2017 6:08am

Its becomes difficult for the parents to drive a long way with the small kids. As a parent I know the problems and difficulties. I would like to buy this for my kids and hope next time my journey with kids would be more easier.


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