Whether you are home, at the office, camping, fishing, hunting or simply need to update the emergency kit in the car or truck - this is the perfect gadget to have around. 

Remember that time you were finishing a report at the office and the screw on your glasses loosened? Now really, who keeps a screwdriver for eyeglasses handy? Well, now you do. 

Ever gotten a piece of wood or broken glass in your finger? Now you have tweezers! 

Ladies...how many times do you find a hanging thread on your clothing and you get the urge to pull it? Pull no more you have your very on thread cutter. 

And, how do we forget needing to open that bottle - using your key for leverage it turns into a bottle opener. 

*Medium Screwdriver 
*Large Screwdriver 
*Thread Cutter 
*Nail File 
*Bottle Opener 
*Finger Nail Cleaner 
*Eye Glass Screwdriver 
     Click the Amazon link below to order yours from Amazon! 

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04/12/2017 11:24pm

If I said that this is very value ale then is not wrong you do the good that you make the good and important thing now many people need this use this for their help so those people are in trouble they must use this and now live easily.


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