Samples provided by Colgate-Palmolive.
      If you have children, you have germs. This means, you need Softsoap. The fragrant foaming collection is designed to pamper and cleanse. Available in three aromatic scents, these soaps are a treat no matter where you place them. 
     The Kitchen Citrus Bliss washes away bacteria and dirt but has a fresh, clean scent to brighten your kitchen! This is the perfect addition beside your sink so you can wash away any residue from those kitchen messes! 
     The Jasmine and White Cotton is a luxurious wash that will clean and pamper. This is perfect for your guest bath to relax and calm your friends and family. It is an aromatic scent that will leave you fresh with each pump!
      The rich foam of the Whipped Cocoa Butter soap is perfect for the cold weather that is quickly approaching. It is designed to pamper hands with each wash. It is infused with real cocoa butter extracts, its aroma makes every hand wash a treat.
     Learn more about Softsoap here on their website, and be sure to pick some up at your local retailer! They have an entire line of products that are going to pamper and soothe your skin this winter. 
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