This timeless classic is enjoyed by kids of all ages and makes a great gift or party favor for birthday parties, summer camp, group activities and more. 

*Helps with hand - eye coordination 
*Helps with developing the motor skills 
*A traditional set of 10 metal jacks and 1 ball 

What's in the box? 

One (1) Rubber Ball 
Ten (10) Metal Jacks 
User's Guide delivered electronically with shipping confirmation email 
BONUS You will get two (2) extra jacks and one (1) extra ball because we know balls roll and jacks hide.
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Jacks and the ball floor game are just for the children of the community who are like to play and share this with others. And their record creator is making the record and the others are tried to break the maker record that’s way it is the reason to make your mind perfect.


move after you've thrown them, so make it a nice throw ~ throw the ball up in the air, and collect your jacks before it bounces a second time; all work is done with.


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