No mommy wants to sacrifice style for necessity. timi & leslie has made it completely possible for you to be the stylish woman that you are, but the caring mommy that your little one needs. With timi & leslie bags, you have more than enough room for everything a baby will need and more! 
     I personally adore timi & leslie because they are so much more than a diaper bag. Even when you little one doesn't require ten pounds of items to be toted along, your timi & leslie bag is still an amazing accessory that you are going to want to keep using. My youngest is two, so I don't need all of the items my timi & leslie bag came with. He doesn't use a bottle anymore, but where I use to keep the bottle warmer, I stash snacks! I also have a ton of room for his diapers and wipes, toys, and all of my mommy items. Oh, and everything my hubby and other two kids add to my bag too! Everyone in my family LOVES my bag because it carries everything we need and more! 
     The best thing about my timi & leslie bag is when I have my arms full, or I need to carry my little guy, it has the handy attachments to strap it onto the stroller. This is super convenient, and my husband loves it because he no longer has to carry my purse. Although, he doesn't mind rocking my timi & leslie bag once in a while! 
     Do you have a little one? Or do you just want to make life simple and get organized? Perhaps you know someone expecting? If so, timi & leslie is the answer to all of the above. It is the perfect diaper bag that is going to transition into a purse and you will have for years to come. Go check them out here. Also, be sure to go to my Giveaway page, I am giving away the Madison! One lucky winner will get their own adorable bag, just like I got! This is such a beautiful bag that I cannot wait to give away! GO ENTER!!! 
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08/24/2015 3:36pm

These bags are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sherry McGhay
08/24/2015 4:12pm

Looks like an organizer's dream bag!

Megan Wills
08/24/2015 4:16pm

I would love that bag!!

08/24/2015 4:26pm

This would have been so helpful when I first had Mac!!!

08/24/2015 4:31pm

This is a beautiful bag

08/24/2015 4:33pm

I just adore the color of that bag!

Billie hill
08/24/2015 5:09pm

That is such a nice looking bag

Melissa Ann Stura-Bassett
08/24/2015 7:34pm

Absolutely beautiful

Sarah Traphagan
08/24/2015 8:07pm

I absolutely love these bags!

08/24/2015 9:22pm

I love timi & leslie! This one looks so nice! Great review.

08/25/2015 7:14am

This bag is every mom's dream!!!

08/25/2015 8:56pm

Thanks so much for this review :-) What a beautiful functional bag!

08/27/2015 4:05pm

This would be a LifeSaver!! Totally in Love !!

Britni Bradford
08/27/2015 6:31pm

gorgeous bag. love it

Jen l
08/27/2015 6:37pm

So cute!!!

Marcee d
08/27/2015 9:36pm

Love this color!

Faye K
08/27/2015 10:15pm

This bag looks amazing! !

Maida M
09/07/2015 4:47pm

Love their bags! So stylish yet functional.

Maggie Pedersen
09/11/2015 10:01am

Gorgeous bag!

Amanda Jordan
04/30/2016 11:33am

These bags are so beautiful!


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