Your search for the perfect large cat litter mat is finally over. When you purchase Two Meows cat litter catcher mat with scatter control today, here's what you should do.

When your colorful cute paw shaped mat from Amazon arrives at your door, carefully open it the first chance you get. Take it out and love all the characteristics that will make this one of the last litter mats you'll ever need to own.
Now place it in front of your litter box, or if your meow has a favorite non-traditional exit from the box place it there. If he/she uses multiple exits use a mat for each side.

Marvel at how effective it is at capturing litter right off your cats paws. Watch your cats enjoyment walking across the soft and squishy material kneading their paws on it and also sleeping on it, stories shared with us by other clients.

What separates Two Meows cat litter mat with scatter control from the competition? It's simple really. It starts by how we selected the perfect high quality premium material to most effectively prevent litter trails throughout your home while keeping your cats happiness in mind. This is what makes up our exclusive TM-7 litter catching system.

The TM-7 technology in the Two Meows mesh design is truly scientific. Others have attempted this type of weave however the results are a stiff mat that can be rough and abrasive on your cat's paws.

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11/22/2016 6:57pm

I love cats, I really do, but sometimes I can help my self to be mad every time I saw their paw prints everywhere in the house. I keep on cleaning it up. I keep on following their trails so I can keep the neatness of our place. This product is a nice way to get rid of my old routine with my cat's mess. This will help all the cat lovers a lot.


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