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     Nowadays, we are able to perform cosmetic procedure while visiting a mall or while returning home from work. Although esthetic surgeries are still very popular, new and improved types of treatment allow us to change our appearance and remove wrinkles in no time. This explains why fillers became so popular as of late.
      For a long time, cosmetic surgeries were one and only procedure for removal of wrinkles and folds. This treatment is also able to repair any damage to the face caused by accident or injury. Even with all its benefits, esthetic surgery is a surgery like any other; it involves certain risks and it can easily endanger patient’s health. Because of this, greatest medical professionals started developing new treatment as a replacement.
     To be clear, surgeries are still number one when it comes to permanent wrinkle removal. But, cosmetic fillers are regarded by many as an excellent temporarily solution that can eliminate this problem without endangering individual’s well-being. Unlike invasive surgeries, fillers are mostly supplemental therapy. These drugs are meant to replace naturally produced hyaluronic acid by injecting the drug straight into facial skin.
      In order to understand how fillers work, we need to explain how hyaluronic acid functions within the body. This acid is a naturally created sugar which binds molecules of water to itself. When water reaches our dermis, it is instantly bound to this matter. 
     Logically, this allows skin to have much bigger mass. When these molecules push skin upwards, it gets plump and voluminous. At the same time, body is absorbing all the nutrients from water which makes skin look healthy and bright.
     Medical fillers are one of the most advanced drugs on the market. They are based on naturally created hyaluronic acid which is extracted from animal and bacterial organisms. Final product is organic, providing us a substance that is very similar to our own. Because of this, drug will not disturb our molecular structure or cause any side effects. When it comes to removal of wrinkle and folds, Doctor Medica specialists hold fillers in high regard as the most natural facial treatment. 
     The biggest issue with fillers is that they have limited use. Most doctors use them to remove nasolabial folds, plump up the lips and augment marionette lines. However, when used for other areas of the face, they can have variable results. To make things worse, some specialist use it for neck and cleavage. Areas in question are highly sensitive. This type of procedure can even rupture certain blood vessels.
       Cosmetic fillers are administered with a syringe. Steady hand is required for the treatment which lasts for 20 minutes. All in all, patient can instantly return to his daily activities. Doctors recommend avoiding alcohol and physical exercise for couple of days. Also, patient should avoid anything that can potentially irritate the skin including use of cosmetic products. These modern drugs have anesthetics inside which makes  intervention painless. As mentioned before, fillers rarely cause any side effects. However, there is a chance for skin irritation, especially if the patient has sensitive skin.



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