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A few months ago, I had a phone call from the principal at my kids school. He told me that my little ones were being targeted by a bully. He said he discovered them hiding in the toilets and crying just after lunch. As you can imagine, my heart sank. I remembered how I used to feel at school when similar things happened to me. Thankfully, I turned the situation around in a couple of weeks. I hope that learning about my experience will help you to make the right decisions in the future.
I sat down and chatted with my kids
My kids are very quiet, and so they would never mention bullying unless I did it first. With that in mind, I raised the issue and asked them to tell me everything that had happened. Luckily, the situation wasn’t as bad as it sounded. However, I still needed to put things right.
I went to the school
The principal was busy when I visited the school unannounced, but I managed to speak with some of the teachers. I explained the problem, and they assured me they would keep their eyes open.
I contacted our local government representative
After a couple of days, there had been no change in the situation. Frustrated, I contacted our local Congressman. He was the man who oversaw all education in the area. He soon agreed that my issue needed some attention. After writing a letter to the school, my kids never complained of bullying again. Indeed, they seemed happy and chirpy from then on.
Make sure you take some comfort in this post and use it to look after your kids. Some parents don’t know their little ones are being bullied until it’s too late, and that is a terrible shame. The infographic below will offer more information.

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Hmm! this is the good post for the kids and we know through this post that how we do something best for our child because if they faced some problem then its very bad for us that we not understand the reasons of this problem.


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