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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OtterBox.
     If you are always on the go, have kids who use your phone, or you are just accident prone, your mobile device is at risk each day. I, unfortunately, am all the above. So, I rely on my OtterBox to protect my investment. Without it, my cell phone would face numerous disasters before breakfast daily. I took this super fun quiz, and you can too. It told me that I was an Energy Vampire! Want to see your results, or what an Energy Vampire is? Let me tell you more and howOtterBox is a super way to defend your phone. 
     From the time I wake, to the time I go to bed, I am checking emails, or talking to clients. I also have a little guy playing apps, or watching Sesame Street on my phone so  he doesn't scream in the middle of the grocery. My battery sometimes can't meet his demand, and he tends to not understand that phones cannot be dropped from grocery carts. This is why I am an Energy Vampire. I have the amazing Resurgence case, which gives me 2x the battery life. How cool is that? Just when I think Elmo is going to die out in the middle of frozen foods and there will be a meltdown,OtterBox saves the day and kicks in with backup battery. It isn't just a battery backup, it also has Military Rated drop protection. So, when little man or I get the clumsy fingers, we are in good hands! I have the red case, but the Resurgence comes in a variety of colors. Check them out here. 
     Along with the Resurgence, OtterBox also has a case that will give you rugged protection no matter where you are. The Defender is the original multi-layer case that you can now customize to your own liking. The shell and slipcovers can be mixed and matched so that you can make whatever crazy combo you desire! 
      The Symmetry series is so sleek that you won't even notice you have a cover on your phone. It slides right into your pocket or purse without issue! Symmetry is also awesome for those of us who love to be creative and artistic. These cases pop! They are bright and allow self expression, check them out here, you will love the selection. 
      TheMy Symmetry is just as slim and sleek as the Symmetry series but with My Symmetry you get customizable inserts. This is perfect for your inner artist or anyone who want to express themselves. The slim one piece design also offers the OtterBox drop protection so you don't have to be worried about those butterfingers! 
     Protect your phone now before it's too late. Go shop here on the OtterBox site and get the case that is going to defend your phone and suit your personality best! Don't forget to take thequiz first, and save 10% on your OtterBox purchase with the discount code! 
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OtterBox.


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Talking on your cell phone while driving has become a big deal. States are now banning the use of cell phones and you can (and will) be pulled over and ticketed. Does this mean that you cannot communicate with the outside world while driving your car? No - but you should use the right tools for the job.

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So you're really lucky having those many different facilities to save your day. Especially with otterbox and those covers being on your side. I will install Otterbox on my mobile-phone as well soon.


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