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     As parents, we always want what is best for our children. So, when we make big decisions like how we are going to feed our child, we do research and ask all the important questions. For all our baby's feeding and soothing needs, I rely onChicco NaturalFit. 
     Chicco NaturalFit is designed to change with a baby's changing needs. So, as they grow, the Feeding and Soothing system grows as well. Your child isn't the same day to day, week to week, or month to month, so their feeding system cannot stay the same either. Think of how different your baby is from the time you meet them until the time they start crawling. Chicco recognizes that baby has completely different feeding and soothing requirements, so they have created a system to grow with your ever-changing little one. 
     For over fifty years, Chicco has been a trusted brand for parents. Now, they have developed three different nipple shapes that you can transition to as your baby develops. I love that Chicco offers a money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied they stand behind their product. Customers who are not happy with their Chicco NaturalFit purchase are able to return the item and be reimbursed for the product and shipping (up to $6.99). The company is so confident that you will love it and be totally satisfied, they five you a 100% money back guarantee. Details can be found here.
     Chicco NaturalFit bottles are unique because they offer an extra-soft silicone nipple that allows for easy breast to bottle transition. Since we breastfed and supplemented with bottle feeding, so my hubby could also bond with our son, we needed the perfect bottle. Chicco NaturalFit is just that. The feel of the nipple is so much like the breast that he would never get confused, or have issues. It was the perfect fit for us, and it allowed my husband to get bonding time with our son as well, and me those extra few hours of sleep! 
     Chicco NaturalFit come in three stages. Stage One is the Newborn Flow. This is a wider, rounder base which will encourage little ones to latch on properly and adjust their neck to ensure optimal feeding technique. The nipple stays full of milk because of the angle, so your baby won't get air. Therefore, the risk of air indigestion and belly aches will be reduced significantly. Twin anti-colic valves will help your little one reduce the risk of air indigestion, colic, and spit up. You want feeding time to be bonding time, not unpleasant! Available in 5oz.(newborn flow)  and 8oz. (medium flow) sizes. 
     Stage Two is The Adjustable Chicco NaturalFit. These come in Slow, Medium, or Fast 8 oz. bottles. Your baby is advancing, so the bottle is too! This nipple is straight with a rounded base and adapts to your child's skills. At a little over four months, your baby has better control over their neck and head positioning, and colic symptoms subside. This bottle allows you to adjust to your baby's needs, the nipple flow rate is controlled by your child's hunger.
     Once your little one gets bigger, the bottle has to adjust even more!  The Stage Three, Fast Flow is an 11 oz. bottle. This is designed to accommodate your baby's size and strength when they are latched on and eating. The smaller and less rounded nipple is perfect for tighter lip support and encourages your little one to swallow properly. At this point, their sucking is becoming more efficient, so a proper bottle is very important. This comes in an 11 oz. bottle with a fast flow nipple. A Y cut nipple is available separately. 
     If you have  a new addition on the way, or you know someone who does, Chicco NaturalFit is the perfect feeding and soothing option. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter to stay on top of all the latest news. Also, enter for your chance to win one of 18 prize packs below! 
I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation
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You wrote this article is very good and do very batter for the parents because this is a big problem for the parents that if the child not feed the mother feed then whats good for the child then its very good that through this post they know about the Chicco natural fit.


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