Today's world can be difficult, especially is you are a teen girl. There are many difficult decisions and choices teens are faced with. This NIV Bible for Teen Girls is an amazing addition to a teen's library that allows them to have a guide in everyday life. 
     Since I am raising a pre-teen, I chose to review this as a book for my daughter and I to read together. I really love how it relates how scriptures relate to the life of a teen. The book does not take an unrealistic perspective, as many do. Instead, it looks at what is most important to a teen girl. The Bible has daily readings, promises of God, insights, advise, and more. It is a must have for any family who realizes that growing up in today's world can be a challenge. 

     The Daily Reads are compiled from some of today's bestselling Christian authors. These include, Annie Downs, Bekah Hamrick Martin, Christine Caine, Crystal Kirgiss, Bethany Hamilton, Nicole Weider, Elsa Kok Colopy, Denise Van Eck and more. Another feature that my daughter and I greatly enjoyed were the charater profiles of the women in the Bible. This allowed us to discuss how these women impacted history, and how they would have changed our world today. 
     To purchase this book for your teen, or another young woman in your life, go to this site here. It is an incredible daily read that leads to insightful discussions with your little one. I absolutely recommend it for parents, caregivers, or for religious education groups. It is an excellent addition to any program. 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


Angela Maglio
10/31/2015 8:18pm

This would be helpful with my daughter

Lila Schmidt
11/01/2015 3:19am

Would love this for my 13 yr old granddaughter.

Marcy Clemens
11/01/2015 5:29pm

I would love to have this to share with my teenage daughter.

Myra Ball
11/01/2015 7:19pm

Looks like a great bible. I'm sure my daughter would love it


Looks like a great bible. I'm sure my daughter would love it


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