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     I love it when the kids have a birthday. I don’t mind all the extra work involved, and I love having so many children around the house when I host at home. Of course, the Mommy in me has that internal teary about my baby’s coming of age. Another year older means and a reminder they are growing up into responsible young people. It spurs me on to make this birthday the best one yet! I want a moment we will all remember and treasure forever.
     This year I am thinking about hiring some inflatables. Bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses might just about fit into the yard, I hope. I would love all my awesome kids party hire ideas to fit here, but I don’t really mind hiring the school yard for more space. Now my eldest is a bit beyond jello and ice cream and musical chairs, I’m looking for something that will make the day incredible. All the parents will probably hang back to watch as well. I might have to find something for the tiny tots that is a little less boisterous!
     All my kids have always enjoyed the traditional kids party games. I think they start to fall out of favor by the time they reach seven or eight, though. My favorite is always going to be pass the parcel. I love wrapping those little party favor gifts up in each layer and asking ‘What is it?’ every few seconds! Costume parties are great for this age. You can hand out little prizes for the best one, the cutest one, the scariest one, and so on.
     I’m one of those Moms that loves how noisy it gets when so many children are having fun together. Perhaps I’m one of those neighbors from hell every time we have a birthday in the house! The sound of the laughter and excitement make me so delighted for my kids. We talk for days afterwards about it. They tell me the bits they loved the best.
    Why is it that party food makes for some of the best birthday memories? I like the little pizzas with the faces made of toppings. I also bake party biscuits in silly shapes. The kids still think they’re fun!
     I’ve had kids’ entertainers in the house before. Some of them were better than others. Puppets work really well when they’re a little less interactive with the kids. Excitable kids like to touch and grab puppets that address them directly! Magic tricks go down quite well if the show is kept pretty short too.
     I know a Mom who hired a petting zoo. The kids loved it, but she only did it once! As much as I love the parties, I really value the quiet time afterwards, reflecting on the fun with my kids.
     Putting them to bed after the party is perhaps my favorite part, despite the clean-up I have to do afterwards. They mumble their thanks and tell me they had a wonderful day. Sleep, happy kids of mine.


12/13/2016 8:59am

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