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     When you lose your hearing, even partially, you miss out on a lot of very precious moments. We all are so used to having this sense that it may be something we take for granted. If you or a loved one experienced even slight hearing loss, it is something you would want to correct immediately. Those moments you are missing are ones you can never get back. I personally deal with hearing loss, so I know how difficult it can be. It is a daily struggle to hear my children when they are all speaking at once, or when we are in a crowded place. When I first started noticing the decline in my hearing, I went to meet with my doctor.  
Unfortunately,most health insurance plans do not always cover the cost of hearing aids.
     A typical hearing aid can range in price from $1500 to $5000. Would your family be able to cover this cost? Does your insurance cover hearing aids? These are all pretty frightening questions when you think of all that you could be losing! 
     Unfortunately, insurance doesn't always cover the cost of hearing aids. We all have heard of vision insurance, dental insurance, but what about hearing insurance? Are you unsure? Speak with your HR manager and see what options you have for hearing coverage.  If you are not covered, you can take a stand and request a change. This is something we should all do since hearing is such a pivotal part of our lives.  
     If you want to talk to your employer about getting services such as:
 Visits to an audiologist for a complete diagnostic evaluation at least every two years for adults and annually for children and coverage of hearing aid treatment thencheck out this flyer designed to assist you. EPIC has created this flyer specifically to aide people in beginning the conversation with their HR professionals to obtain hearing insurance. This advocacy flyer is a valuable resource for everyone! Don't wait until your hearing is already limited to start the talk to get coverage! #ListenHear #CoverYourEars #GenerationDeaf
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01/14/2017 1:18am

I never listen about this type insurance I know through your article and its very necessary so we must do any serious step our health and hearing are very necessary for our daily routine matter so those all people who this type insurance they must read this.


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