This post is sponsored by Scott® Tissue but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
     Anytime our family needs anything, we take a ride to Sam's Club. We know we get the most bang for our buck. With a family of five, we look to make the most of our time and money. Sam's Club always has everything we need and at the best prices. 
     With three kids we always need a little extra of everything! There was one time, my daughter and I were out shopping. We had a wonderful day and decided to stop and enjoy lunch. I typically do not carry a purse, but that day I decided to. Usually, I carry my wallet in my diaper bag, but since the baby was not with us, I didn't have it. We stopped, and had a wonderful lunch, we chatted like "big girls", and when the meal was over, I realized I left my purse, wallet, and everything at one of the previous stores. I was mortified, my daughter was convinced we were going to jail, and my phone was in my purse. It was a rough moment. That day, we could have used a little extra smiles. In the end, it all worked out and the manager was amazing. He allowed us to bring back our money and a generous tip, as soon as I located my purse. 
     The Scott 1000 bonus pack allows you to get a little extra each time you buy it. There are 100 extra sheets per roll, and you can only find this bonus pack at Sam's Club! How do you shop at Sam's? You must be a member! You can do so by becoming a member here. It is simple to do and the savings are incredible! We shop there weekly! They have items that you can't find anywhere else like this Scott 1000 bonus pack that allows you to save in every roll! 
     Scott Toilet Tissue is septic safe, so everyone can use it. In the bonus pack, there are 36 long lasting rolls, with 100 extra sheets per roll. It is like getting three extra rolls! 
     Want to save even more? You can download the Ibotta app for FREE to earn $5 off your next purchase of Scott 1000 at Sams! How amazing is that?
     Start your Sam's Club adventure by joining now! You won't believe the savings! Don't forget to start with this $5 rebate from Ibotta

This post is sponsored by Scott® Tissue but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


10/16/2015 6:13am

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