As someone who has personally had someone close to me affected by beast cancer, I love any company who supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Now, when you purchase a Zebra Pen, you know that you are supporting a proud sponsor of a worthy cause. Zebra makes incredible products that my entire family uses each day, but this pen is just for me. Every time I reach for it, I think of all of the women and the incredible struggle they have endured. 
     Zebra Pens is a proud sponsor in the fight against breast cancer and they will donate $25,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a generous and worthy donation that will go a long way to not only help women who are fighting today, but in future generations. 
     The Zebra F-301 National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. Pen is an awesome pen that you can use to show your support. It is a durable stainless steel, fine tip writing utensil. With the non-slip grip, it allows your writing to flow seamlessly. 
      Purchase the Zebra F-301 on Zebra's site here or at any mass retailer that Zebra is carried. 
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