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     Working at home with kids can be tough, but keeping a few simple rules in mind could help your productivity (and your sanity as well). Check out these top 7 tips for organizing your days better:
     1.    Sleep, what sleep? OK, so not all mothers have the luxury of a schedule, or a guaranteed two-three hour window every day when their little ones take a nap. If you’ve got a newborn on your hands, then you can pretty much forget it. But once things get easier and their sleeping schedules are more predictable, you should find that there will be a time when they’re napping for a prolonged period. Once that happens, don’t nap yourself, don’t do housework, and don’t sit on Facebook. This is the time to get down to business.            
2.    Delegate or outsource what you can – If you’re not lucky enough to have hired help, day care, or grandparents who live around the corner, you could think about outsourcing. If you write, design, organize, plan, use Word or Excel, the chances are you can outsource some of the basic or time-consuming tasks. Try sites like Upwork or Elance for finding people who can do chores for you online.

3.    Get your partner to help – Even if it’s just for an hour or two, any working mother will know that every minute counts. Close the door, turn on the computer and resist the urge to get up and help if you hear any noise. Leave the house if you have to but make sure that this hour or two every day, every other day, or even only on the weekends is uninterrupted.

4.              De-stress and know it might not be perfect – While you can plan for everything to be perfect during your conference call, and your kids always sleep at 11am, know that the best laid plans can (and probably) will go wrong with kids around. They will wake up that day, or your Internet connection will go down, or a dog bark will bark or children scream during your call. Have a sense of humor; your clients are human too.

5.    Plan independent activities – If your kids are old enough, there are things they can be doing while you’re working; playing with each other, coloring in, stacking blocks, etc. and if you have a baby, she can stay on her activity mat, vibrating chair, or swing while you get stuff done.

6.    Set Limits for Yourself – We’ve all done it; let work take over and spent hours in front of the screen. There may be times where it’s unavoidable but your partner will soon get tired of spending time alone while you work on the business. Try to set limits for yourself where possible to keep the love alive.

7.    Be sure to make time for family fun – Don’t let running a business or working from home invade your life. Oftentimes we’re too busy to play with our kids and enjoy the time we have with them, let alone keep in touch with relatives. Try setting up a family website that you can easily upload photos to and make sure that everyone feels close, even when you’re too busy to see them.

Above all, be sure to give yourself a break, both mentally and physically. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if it takes a bit longer to get your business off the ground than you would like, know that it’s for a good cause.



10/21/2016 3:44am

These 7 tips are really helpful for us if we want to do work at home while we have kids. Mostly people think that doing work at home is not possible especially when we have kids but these tips can make it possible.


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