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     Finding out that you're pregnant is a joyous occasion for many women. But once you know for sure, how do you go about telling everyone else? From the father to your family and friends, you can have lots of fun letting the cat out of the bag. Of course, you could just say it out loud, but why do that when you can be much more interesting? You can probably think of a few ideas to tell everyone the news. But if you're stuck for inspiration, try looking at the suggestions below to come up with something.
Show Off Your Test Results

Most women find out they're pregnant using a home pregnancy test, before having it confirmed by a doctor. If you have a positive test or two, there are lots of fun ways you can show it off. You could just hand it to your partner (or whoever) and say something funny or poignant. But you can have some fun with it too. Maybe you could wrap it up or put a bow on it to turn it into a birthday or Valentine's gift. If you would prefer to show everyone something you haven't peed on, you could take a photo of it and share it with your family and friends. The digital tests are best, so no one has to decode them!

Do It With Clothes

You can get some fun clothing items that are great for letting everyone know you're pregnant. Have a look at funny pregnancy announcement shirts that tell everyone you've got a bun in the oven. You could order one to wear when you're attending a family event or outing with your friends. Or you could take a photo of you wearing it to share on social media. If it's not your first baby, you can get your other child or children to join in. They can have a shirt of their own that announces they're going to be a big brother or sister.

Make Them Solve a Puzzle

If you don't want to just blurt it out, it can be fun to make everyone work it out. You can give them some clues and get them to solve them. You could even get them to do an actual puzzle by having a jigsaw made with an announcement on it. Think of fun ways that you could leave hints at what you're about to reveal. Maybe you could put post-it notes with clues around the house for your husband or give him a riddle.

Write It Out Loud

Sometimes you just have to come out and say it. But if you want to go a bit further than a simple "I'm pregnant", you could write it on something. It could be anything you like, from a poster to a cake. Perhaps you could include it in a birthday card or just spill the beans on Facebook. You don't have to do anything complicated if you just want to reveal your secret.

Planning a pregnancy announcement can be really exciting, so have some fun with it and do something special.



James Robert
11/17/2015 2:27pm

I have been hearing of even cupcakes announcing if your having a boy or girl. Lots of people being creative

Lisa Ann Smith
11/17/2015 3:25pm

Thanks for the great ideas! I'll be forwarding this to a friend who is expecting but has not announced yet!

11/17/2015 3:35pm

Having the sibling walk out with it printed on a t-shirt sounds fun or gifting t-shirts to grandparents that say Proud Papa.. etc.. Thanks for the ideas.

Hannah C
11/17/2015 3:52pm

These are some really cool and creative ways to announce a pregnancy :)

Jenn Scott
11/17/2015 5:45pm

Man, I wish I was fun!! I always did the test and then cried to my husband. =) LOL.

Bobbie Hardy
11/17/2015 10:04pm

My sister fixed baby carrots and a baby back rib and then told him to look in the oven where there was a single bun. It was hilarious. He totally didn't get

Lisa Brown
11/18/2015 1:53am

I would definitely have everyone try to solve my puzzle. Maybe charades would be fun to play to announce this event :)

Meghan Malicoat
11/18/2015 7:58am

Love these ideas, lol. I always get a kick out of watching the pregnancy announcement videos on YouTube.

Carmen Rudnick
11/19/2015 8:28am

For my Facebook announcement I wanted to do something themed with my husband's occupation. I made up a tow truck call sheet and put together the cutest announcement including the ultrasound photo :)

Sarah L
11/21/2015 7:47pm

so much different than 40 years ago.

Natalie Schilla
11/22/2015 4:20pm

Love these ideas

11/22/2015 5:25pm

These are great ideas! We got my son a onesie to announce that he's going to be a big brother and it was a big hit on Facebook.


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