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     Back in the days, certain set of rules applied for pharmacies. Similarly to hospital or anything else connected to medicine, high standards of ethic applied. But, given that in time most of the pharmacies became private without any connection with the government, they slowly started changing their behavior. Nowadays, your regular pharmacy is similar to any other store. Their priority is not public health but volume of sales. Some shops go as far to recommend pricier drugs just so that they make additional profit.  

However, stores are not the only ones that changed. Companies producing medicines started creating numerous non-drug products that can be used by almost anyone. Seeing rise in number of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and other issues caused by unhealthy living, individuals began to pay extra attention to their body. Wellness and prevention are name of the game. Pharmaceutical industry reacted to this change of heart and in order to facilitate this growing trend, they started making products such as supplements and other items that can be used to strengthen immunity of a person. Furthermore, these products became so popular that they are threatening to overtake drugs in number of sales.

                People working in pharmacies had to adapt to these changes and with it, to change their attitude. Like any commercial undertaking, pharmaceutical stores are highly competitive. If we include potential for high profit and constantly growing business, it shouldn’t surprise us that many entrepreneurs started doing this job. But, in order to perform it, person doesn’t only require basic knowledge of drugs. He also has to be good at sales. This is the main way companies are making profit. Similarly to other stores, pharmacies are making most of their profit through unplanned shopping. About 50 % of people, who go to pharmacies, buy additional products on the way. Because of this, positioning became one of the most important aspects of the business.

                For a product to be attractive, it needs to be noticeable. Pharmacies do this by placing their medicines in line of customer’s view. In most cases, these products are items for wide use such as aspirins, toothpastes, supplements and other things that can be used by almost anyone. Additionally, companies have numerous posters and brochures that introduce new product to customers.

                Specialists from claim that the biggest change in last couple of years happened due to introduction of internet shopping. This was a necessary change that needed to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, when it comes to pharmacies, there are numerous issues when it comes to online business. Drugs are highly specific products that need to be stored in proper conditions. They have expiration date and they need to be handled by professionals trained for this. If a company is unable to perform one of these actions, patient’s life may be endangered. There are certain organizations that are performing this activity without proper expertise or training. It still remains to be seen how this will be regulated in future. Hopefully, we will be able to find a middle ground that will protect both clients and pharmacies.



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Pharmacies store now is common because these store owners get a lot of profit by this now pharmacies become a business when they want they selling medicine in high rates. now-a-days most pharmacies store are private they have no connection with government.

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