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     There is a fair gap in age between my children. I’m not saying this is the best way to grow your family, but I think it might be slightly easier than having three within three or four years. For a start, the eldest are more independent. I don't have to watch their every move in case they are about to fall, or they need a feed. Best of all, they can help. They can follow direction and instruction (when they want to).
     It’s not acceptable to leave the parenting to a sibling. But there is nothing wrong with older siblings learning a thing or two about taking care of a baby. And I feel more comfortable taking that much-needed nap when the baby is asleep if I know there are another pair of ears listening out for that first gurgle. What I didn’t realise is just how expensive it is to buy for a new baby all over again!
     When you haven’t got anything, and you need everything, it is going to hurt your wallet these days. The price of everything is so much higher now! The biggest challenge is making the complete list of what is needed. The pushchairs are more high-tech now, and baby car seats are like little fortresses. I guess you get what you pay for. 
     I like the idea of having a pushchair I could go running with. When you work from home, you need any excuse you can find to get out of the house and into the fresh air. I used to be a fair weather jogger long ago. Now I can just throw on one of the pushchair raincovers and head out with the baby. It helps clear your head, and helps to get a break from whichever member of the family is driving you most insane that day!
     Buying everything new does open your eyes to so many different ways of doing things. As well as pushchairs there is a huge range of harnesses and slings so you can keep your baby close at all times. Because I already had a couple of kids, I knew exactly how difficult it is to carry your baby in your arms for longer than a few minutes. And those car seats are definitely too heavy to carry any distance. A sling certainly seemed like a better option.
     I learned a lot about how tough it is with a newborn from my first. Yet I repeated a few mistakes with the second. Things like refusing to take a break because my baby needs me more than I need food and sleep was one daft idea I kept having. With a long gap, hindsight loses its clarity. But with every ache and every daft idea, it refreshed my mind as to just how tough it is. And this time, I was older!
     Second and third babies are easier because there is some extra help there. Experiences, both positive and negative, certainly guide you toward the easiest way to do things as well. And by this age, you’re just striving to survive rather than being the perfect Mom!


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