We had the opportunity to host a Bright Starts party and the toys were the highlight! All of our friends came over to play, and we had awesome snacks while we played with these super fun toys that are perfect for little ones! 
     Before the party, my little man and I got ready by opening all the toys and making the video above. Make sure you check it out! Then, we got our snacks together and put on some music. Then, it was time for our play date! 
     The kiddos had a great time playing with the Bright Start toys. The best part is they are perfect for babies the whole way to toddlers. At our party, we had little ones of all ages, and the party was non-stop fun. Bright Starts toys added all the entertainment we needed for the kiddos while us moms and dads had a chance to unwind. 
     The Bright Starts Spin & Giggle Puppy was the hit of the party. The kiddos loved to watch it spin around while the balls popped out time and time again. This little puppy is perfect for ages six months and up. The kiddos were enchanted with the music and lights. You will have a ball with this little puppy! The Learn & Giggle Fish was also a fun addition to our party, The parents loved the portability of the fishy, while the kiddos had a great time learning while they played. This fish help baby discover letters, numbers, and shapes while entertaining baby with lights and music! There are a ton of buttons, lights and sounds to keep your little one entertained for hours! The Learn & Giggle Activity Station was so much fun for all of our guests! Perfect for little sitters, this activity center is awesome for children. It has so many little activities that they will always want to play! Each time your little one flips a page of the book, it interacts with a window pane. There is also an adorable kitty whose little paw you press to see an exciting light display inside the playful fish bowl. The activity center is a wonderful toy your child will use throughout different stages of their life, it is a must have! Giggables laugh and roll while your little one chases after them. They are fun and lively critters that your little crawler will love chasing around. They do come in various animals, so you can choose which your child will love best. The Bunch of Balls from Bright Starts is a set of sixteen character balls that work in a variety of Bright Starts toys. We used them to toss around and play, and they worked in the Spin & Giggle Puppy quite well! 
     Head over to Bright Starts and check out their incredible toy selection now. With the holidays here, you are sure to find something fun for your little tots! 
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Jodi Hunter
12/09/2015 12:32pm

These seem like great toys, I think I'll get some for Christmas gifts.

Kelly Nicholson
12/09/2015 5:20pm

looks like fun for the kids..ill pass the word

Sally Wilsey
12/09/2015 7:37pm

I used to buy Bright Starts toys for my Granddaughter. She loved the colors and brightness of them. Now I buy them for my nephew.

Crystal Gomez
12/10/2015 8:10am

They have some really cute stuff my son would love!

Alisha Emmett
12/11/2015 8:20pm

Love bright starts! Will have to get some of these when my 6 week old gets older!


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