This adorable book is perfect for teaching the lesson of individuality and adapting to your little one. I love that this board book is filled with vibrant colors, animals, and now it is also bi-lingual! A Color of His Own is available in English and Spanish! Each page has the story in both languages, so your tot can read along and learn! Want to pick up this amazing story now? Shop here
     Check out some of the adorable crafts we made with the children to accompany this great story. They were super easy to make and you can print one here to make too! For ours, we used watercolors but feel free to personalize as you wish! 
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Deborah D
04/28/2016 11:59am

My nieces & nephews would love this book.

08/07/2016 9:24pm

The book was really amazing. I have bought many books for my children but this one is really good to learn about the color easily. I hope my kids will like this book and learn it easily. I want to buy this book immediately.


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