Every parent has a different view on education, and that is a piece of advice to keep in mind. Mine is that I want my kids to go to the best school possible, but others prefer the homeschooling option. Until recently, I had never given it much thought. But, I have started thinking about it more, and I can see the benefits. I still don’t know if I will have the guts to take the kids out of school and do it myself. If I ever pluck up the courage, here are the things I will keep in mind.
Treat It With Respect
As soon as the kids realize that they are not going to school anymore, they will try to take advantage of the situation. I know what my kids are like, and it know how they think. The last thing I want them to do is to sit in front of the TV all day. So, I would try and replicate the routine of school as best as I could. The reason for homeschooling is not the formality, but the lack of resources. My kids would get more one on one time, and more benefits, from homeschooling. But, that would only happen if I treated the day like a normal school day.
But Don’t Replicate All Of It
The routine is the only thing I would want to copy with regards to conventional schooling. Everything else I would be comfortable dismissing if it made the kids more focused and productive. For example, I know that shorter lessons and more breaks are the answer to boredom. As the teacher, I could dictate the lesson times and the breaks. The same goes for the uniform. There is no point sat at home in a blazer reading from a textbook!
Find Great Resources
My one tip that I would always say to bear in mind is that you are becoming the teacher. As such, you need to do the job like a professional. I have friends who are teachers, and they put themselves through a lot, so you need to be ready. To make the process easier, I would buy or download Reading Comprehension Lesson plans. You can gain access to thousands of classroom-ready materials without having to create them alone. To me, that sounds like a no-brainer.
Connect With Other Homeschoolers
The one argument that has me questioning homeschooling is the social impact. If my kids are not at school with other kids, are they going to learn the same social skills? The question is hard to answer. But, I also know of a way to connect with kids without going to school. As the facilitator, I can connect with other homeschooling parents and mix the classes. That way, we all get the benefits of homeschooling without any of the negatives.
Go To A Seminar
There are plenty of seminars that I have found on the subject, and they are supposed to be fantastic. I know that I would go to one just to see if I could pick up any tips. After all, they are people that have been through the process before.
To homeschool or not to homeschool? That is the question.



06/15/2016 11:52pm

Mothers should follow these tips to make their kids educated and civilized people of society. These tips are very easy and and mothers can follow them easily for the better future of their kids.


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