This Easter, Choco Treasure are the perfect eggs for in your little one's Easter basket. These adorable plastic eggs contain toys for your child to play with...after they have eaten the chocolate surrounding them!
     Our family had the opportunity to crack open some Choco Treasure eggs, and my little man jumped at the chance to be my little helper. He started taking off the foil and spotted the chocolate straight away! 
      The eggs are available in many different characters. We had figures and toys from Kung Fu Panda, Penguins of Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon. Since my kids love those movies, these eggs were a hit! 
     Little man couldn't wait to see what was inside the egg! The foil is super easy to remove and causes no issue, even for a toddler. 
     Yummy! After he had opened the egg, little man said the chocolate was his favorite part. With the egg devoured, he wanted to see what toy he got! 
     Finally, the toy!! He got a Tigress puzzle (from Kung Fu Panda)!! He was so excited. Be sure to check out the photos below to see all of the awesome prizes available in the eggs. Your kids would love these too! Want to pick some up? Heat over to the Choco Treasure website and have them in time for Easter! 


shelly peterson
03/28/2016 5:11pm

These are pretty cool! My grandsons would have loved these.

03/30/2016 7:28am

So cute and fun! The eggs look adorable and your son is even more so.

Rom Kruse
04/02/2016 8:18pm


Amber Ludwig
04/24/2016 2:18pm

Omgosh these are so fun!! My son is hooked on watching other kiddos open them on youtube and I bet he would adore opening them himself!!

02/27/2017 12:15am

Choco Treasure is my kids favorite chocolate becuase it contains toys. There is no surprise in that. However, I do not like the combination of a plastic toy coming inside of edible chocolate.


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