Kids are messy, it is no secret. Funkins are a an awesome reusable eco-friendly napkin you can have on hand anywhere you go. Kiddos also love them because they come in a ton of fun designs and colors. To see the Funkin selection go here
     Funkins are perfect for in kiddo's lunchboxes, at home, or even camping. Our family loves to take them on the road with us because Funkins also double as placemats since they are 15x13 in. So, when we decide to pull over for an impromptu picnic in a park while traveling, we always have Funkins with us. They make cleanup so much easier, even at home! 
     Funkins have alternating designs on each side, and the material is 100% cotton and completely washable. To clean them, I just toss them into our washing machine and dry them in the dryer. 
     My kiddos love these as do we. They make life easier and we feel great about being earth friendly. Head over to Funkins and pick out your favorite patterns now. 
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shelly peterson
03/30/2016 3:28am

These look great to have, perfect for my grandsons. I love the bright, cute prints they come in.

Amber Ludwig
04/25/2016 12:28pm

Oooh I love them!! I love the fun designs and our goal is to stp using so much paper towels this year!! This would be super awesome for our goal!!


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