Anyone with a toddler knows how difficult potty training can be. This is why Poo & Pee were invented in 2004 by Emma Megitt, in Stockholm, Sweden. This adorable duo brings together education and cuddly fun for your little one. My son loved having something visual that he could feel while reading this great book about potty training
     These are a high quality set of stuffed toys that your little one will love to play with. I love that they are washable, so if they get messy it is easily resolved. This super cute set can be found on the Pee and Poo website or on Amazon
     If you have a little one starting on their potty training journey, this is a fantastic tool to have. Get over to Pee and Poo's site now to get your own set
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Cole McKinnon
03/28/2016 2:18pm

Very informative. My two grandbabies love Chuck E Cheese.

Amber Ludwig
04/28/2016 2:38pm

Omgosh I love them lol!! My son is finally trained but I kind of want them just to have lol!!


Haha this is really cute, though the potty training phase is extremely hard! I really appreciate you helping parents with their kids. I tend to be busy with essay writing as well so cannot attend to my child at all times!


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