As in many families, cooking plays a tremendous part in the time we spend together. My kids and I will bake something special for my husband when he is returning from a long trip, or my hubby and I love to cook together when he is home. Each meal creates a memory and Lily & Val wants you to not just pass on the recipe to your loved ones, but the memories as well. 
     This beautifully bound Kitchen Diary from Lily & Val allows you to record meals and memories for the generations to come. It is a one of a kind cookbook that you create yourself! 
     The book has gold wire binding, so when you are cooking or writing, it lays open nicely. I love that it is 9.25” tall x 10” wide, the perfect size for storage when not in use. The illustrations on bot the inside and outside are hand drawn and the perfect accompaniment to such a heartwarming book that will be passed down through the generations.
       The Kitchen Diary makes a beautiful Mother's Day gift or just a sweet way to show your appreciation to a loved one. One day, your children will be reading those recipes and remembering the meals you cooked with love. 
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shelly peterson
04/02/2016 5:08am

This is such a great idea. My grandson loves to get in the kitchen with his mom and help her cook. This would make a great Mother's Day gift for her.

Amber Ludwig
04/27/2016 2:52pm

Ooh i love this!! What a great gift idea for mother's day!! I would love to do it for her next year and spend some time gathering some amazing family recipes for her!! So neat!

10/30/2016 1:02am

I love your sharing video that is pretty creative and quite great thanks for sharing this hope that will be perfect kitchen diary for no perfect parenting. In your book you have cooking recipes you share which are delightful and easy to make.


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