Kids cell phone monitoring! This is one key role every parent juggles with as kids are so mobile today that it becomes difficult for parents to keep track of their activities. Agree? Well, you will if you have kids with their own smart phone! Being a parent myself, I can understand your pain and here I introduce you with an idea way to monitor kids mobile. Here you go!
Monitor Digitally
 Yes, that’s right. Cut the diamond with diamond. I mean, it is recommended that you don’t become a nosy parent who keeps interrogating their kids about what they do, who they talk to, what apps they use, which social forums they join or the places they visit etc when there is a solution to award kids freedom while keeping a check on their activities. The solution is FamilyTime parental control app!

What is the FamilyTime App? 

 FamilyTime is a practical and flexible parental control app that helps the parent stay in the know of their kid’s activities both online and offline. The basic philosophy of the app is to empower parents in ensuring their child safety and help them establish a strong bond with their children. You can always monitor and manage your child’s activities, their whereabouts, web behavior and nonetheless their smartphone usage. The app has two different versions. One is for the parent and other for the Child. The parent’s version is called, FamilyTime – dashboard and the other is FamilyTime app for children.

FamilyTime – Dashboard presents the overview of all devices and profiles, connected to your app in a simpler way. Beneath each kid’s profile, you will have different options of the reports, setting, etc. From here you can view reports of your child’s contacts, call logs, bookmarks, location-history, Web history, Blacklist app and a number of other options. You can also log out of the app any time.

How can the App help you? Using the app is the best approach as it can help parents monitor their kids’ devices without being nosey or a helicopter parent. To make the app work, parents would need their kids’ consent that they can easily win with a single threat of taking away all the privileges. With the app in hand parents can:

·        Keep an eye on their kids’ browsing history along with the date and time for each URL.

·        View their bookmarks and favorites.

·        Monitor call logs and check the caller details and view their call timing along with date stamps.

·        Mirror contacts and view every contact saved in their kid’s phone along with the listed details.

·        Watchlist contacts and get instant alerts on the connection.

·        Check all of their installed apps along with app version and date of installation.

·        Block questionable apps & games.

·        Check the location history and stay in the know where their kids were the whole day.

·        Add specific places to Places list and get alerts when their kids enter or exit those places. 

·        Put screen locks at any time they don’t want kids to use their smartphones.

This is not all, there are a number of other useful features that can help parents enhance their connectivity with their kids in no time such as the SOS and PickMeUp alerts. To try this app for free, go now to your phones store and download the app or simply click the buttons below:

Act Smart! 
 Kids are digital natives but that doesn’t make them unbeatable. You can always trace their digital footprints using the FamilyTime parental control app. So act smart and act fast! 



Amber Ludwig
04/21/2016 1:22pm

Love this!! I would love this parenting tool for my son when he is older!! This world has become a scary place and the internet is such a gateway to so much awfulness!!

04/21/2016 6:08pm

Love this. My kids are grown now but I do have a 10 year old Grandson. Will have to share this with my daughter.

Deborah D
04/22/2016 11:24am

Thank you for this very useful information.

Amber Deuel
04/23/2016 4:45pm

Nice app, going to look into this one, I do worry about my kids online, so this could be the answer thank you!

Tiffany Ching
05/05/2016 2:31pm

This is great! Any games or apps that my kids try to download go to my cellphone so that I can keep an eye on what they are doing. Is there a way that I can set a time for it the iPad to shut off after an hour???

11/07/2016 2:19am

This kind of mobile has given us many and more awareness through the different timing. It has also given us the way about the engaged to the kids. In which there are many applications for the business and causes of the kids engaged.


This smart app worked as cool as it is just like a monitor who works for the monitoring of the mobile phones. We should have some time for our families as they are the best people as well-wishers.


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