I love when a company makes my job easier, and they is exact what Dirt Devil did with the Pro Power. This bagless upright vacuum is perfect for cleaning any floor in your home. We use it on high and low pile carpet, tile, and wood floors. The adjustment, conveniently located on the front of the vacuum, lets you switch to any floor seamlessly. 
     Dirt Devil makes the vacuum super lightweight so you can carry it with you as you clean your home. This makes it super easy to vacuum stairwells or reach high up places like ceiling fans with the on board attachments. Cyclonic technology makes sure that any dirt you have in your home gets swept up! Then simply trap and empty dirt using the bin, rather than having to refill bags.
     The Pro Power is a wonderful vacuum that is great for any floor in your home. Check out their website here and grab one today. Your floor will thank you! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


04/28/2016 7:22pm

I love dirt devil vacuums, they always get the job done.

violet taylor
04/28/2016 8:06pm

thank you! i am in the market for a vacuum now and was feeling really lost!

Jeena Bittenbender
04/28/2016 8:45pm

Had my first Dirt Devil in the 90's. Loved that little hand vac. I've had the full size vacuums also over the years. They work so well.

Amber Ludwig
04/29/2016 3:25pm

Love that it's light weight!! Our vacuum weighs like a million lbs!! Ugh!! So awful to lug around!!

04/29/2016 6:12pm

I love that it is light weight. Dirt Devil usually make good quality vacuums.

04/29/2016 6:34pm

This does seem to make cleaning easier!

04/30/2016 6:55am

It looks like a nice vacuum and even better if it has good suction.

Deborah D
04/30/2016 9:23am

I love the dirt devil brand. This looks like a great vaccuum.

Linda Manns Linneman
05/01/2016 4:17pm

This sounds great. I love that you can use it on all your floors and that it is light weight. Sounds like it would make cleaning easier. Thank you for sharing

05/03/2016 1:06am

This is a so good dry cleaner machine and this video describes the complete instruction how to use this machine. But what is actually junk food? Well, it all depends with an individual.

05/05/2016 3:18pm

I have purchased Dirt Devil vacuums before and loved them. Would like to have this since we have a cat and dog.

rebecca scolari
07/07/2016 2:45pm

I would love a dirt devil of my own, it would make getting things done when the "loving" roommate demands it so much easier.

07/07/2016 9:52pm

I would love to purchase a Dirt Devil vacuum!

08/25/2016 9:06am

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08/28/2016 1:32am

Dirt Devil Pro Power is an excellent tool for the Rug cleaners near me and those who aim to clean. Dirt devil could really help me clean faster, easier and better.

09/24/2016 11:49am

Remarkable product, am so excited to see the video it gives wonderful results the Dirt Devil Pro Power is a nice product and it can clean carpet, wooden floor, rug etc..thanks for sharing information about such a fabulous product.


Initially thing is get you a caddie to take the greater part of your cleaning supplies with you. You will require Clorox tidy up for mold and buildup in the showers, tubs,windex,pine-sol,a degreaser, for example, oil helping or mean green, (both accessible at walmart), promise and in the event that you have a microfiber cloth (you can get those at walmart likewise) you are prepared to go.

10/07/2016 11:51pm

I have been searching for cleaning service but I am happy to find one today. thank you for your support.


I believe that carpet cleaning can only be done by professional and expert team. I have used the dirt devil pro power personally and do not want to recommend it as it is only the wastage of money. You should not post an unrealistic review of any product or service.

11/13/2016 11:35pm

I have beaten one's brain out but did not find any vacuum more compatible than Good little devil.. awesome cleaning. As a professional, I have many pets so it helps me a lot in cleaning. Thanks to devil's lightweight I am able to move it with ease. Bear in mind, if you have the disability with your arms, so you don't have to worry, you can use it without any difficulty.

11/24/2016 8:47am

I also using this for my home and office simply i want to say that this is really nice product to use.

12/21/2016 8:27pm

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Ian Mondschein
01/05/2017 5:40pm

I am wondering how to take the handle part off the vacuum? Thanks!

01/06/2017 4:07am

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02/19/2017 12:01am

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04/24/2017 4:53am


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