If you haven't tried Aquabeads, they are SO much fun! These tiny little beads stay put with just a little spray of water. These kits are perfect for artistic minds who love to create and design. My little man is in love with Frozen, so this edition of Aquabeads was perfect for him.  
     I love that this is an all inclusive kit, so you get a super simple cleanup when kids are done playing. Little hands will require a bit of assistance at first, but then they will be off designing in no time! 
     With Aquabeads, you choose the design you wish to make, then you place the beads in the same pattern to match your design, using the Aquabead pen. This pen helps with the bead placement. Then, when you are ready, you spray your design, and it is finished! Aquabeads magically melts together and you have your finished design! 
     Aquabeads is perfect for ages four and up. I love this as a great way to get little minds creating unique designs or making gifts for loved ones. Head over to International Playthings now and see what Aquabeads sets your child will over to create with! 
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Emily Endrizzi
04/10/2016 8:36pm

These look like so much fun. We have used a very similar product in the past and the kids really enjoyed it.

04/11/2016 7:58am

That would be a great rainy day project. I'm always looking for a new fun craft for the kids to do. Frozen is a big hit in this house also.

Amber Ludwig
04/11/2016 8:17am

Oooh we were checking these out in the store and ALMOST bought them! I was a little nervous as to how they stuck together!! Any info on that?

Heather Johnson
04/11/2016 11:15am

This looks like it would be fun, I know my young one would love it. Thanks for sharing.

Dotty J Boucher
04/11/2016 12:40pm

These look like fun! I bet you can make a few necklaces and bracelets with this kit.

04/12/2016 6:49am

My grand daughter likes to do these to make jewelry.

Katie Hall
04/15/2016 8:26pm

My nephews would love this! I think I'm gonna get one for the next time they come visit =]]

Cheryl Everitt
04/16/2016 3:00pm

My granddaughters will love this when they come to visit. I actually helped a little neighbor make some jewelry.

04/18/2016 1:25am

I love this Frozen set. My nieces are obsessed with that movie. :)

06/15/2016 2:06pm

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06/19/2017 4:08am

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