We have raised our children in the National Parks. You can always find our family hiking, playing, and camping anytime we get a free moment. On May 21, you can join our family in a park near you. Register now for the 6th Annual Kids to Parks Day and you will be entered to win some amazing prizes! By registering, you are pledging to bring your child to a park on 5/21. 
     Many parks will be hosting fun adventures your family can join in on. Or your family can create their own park fun. Find a park in your area by visiting the event locator here
     National Park Trust is celebrating the Centennial of the National Park Service and the launch of President Obama’s “Every Kid in a Park” initiative, which gives all U.S. 4th graders and their families a pass to enjoy all national parks and federal lands free this year. Educators and fourth graders can grab their passes here
     Last year, over 640,000 people participated in Kids to Parks. The goal this year is to have more than 750,000 get out and enjoy the parks! Sign the pledge now so you can be one of them and be entered to win! 
     Learn more about this amazing event where you get to get outside and play with your kids. If you register ahead of time, you could even win a prize! Go check out all the awesome activities you can download here to make your day fun. 
     Only a couple more weeks until 5/21, so make sure you sign the pledge. I'll see you at the park! 
Enter to Win a National Geographic Book Below!! 
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Grace K
04/23/2016 12:49am

Yay! We'll be at a park on the 21st. Love the downloads from the national parks as well. Great resource for this homeschooler!

06/19/2017 12:41pm

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Amber Ludwig
04/23/2016 3:01pm

We pledged!! We are always at the park so this wouldn't change anything for us lol!! So glad to see so many others pledging too!!

04/23/2016 8:49pm

This is awesome! I love resources like this- perfect for home and uschoolers!

Cheryl Everitt
04/25/2016 1:22pm

I took the pledge! My granddaughters love to go to the park. Thanks for the info.

04/26/2016 2:13pm

I was trying to find a list if National Parks in my area and there doesn't seem to be any. Can you go to any park or does it have to be a National Park ????

Elena Vo
04/27/2016 9:03pm

Will need to make a point to plan a day in the park, now that I've seen this post!

Regina Elliott
05/06/2016 10:28pm

We take our kids to state park every week since it's right down the road from us

05/21/2016 8:09pm

Many parks will be hosting fun adventures your family can join in on. Or your family can create their own park fun.

06/07/2016 1:50am

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11/01/2016 5:58am

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