As part of Xfinity Moms I did receive compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are mine. 
     When it comes to technology, I tend to only learn the basics. Enough to DVR my favorite shows, make the house alarm function at night, and of course download apps to keep my kiddos entertained. I always assumed technology was too complicated and would take much too long to understand. Then, I was invited to the Xfinity Moms event. My entire perspective has changed. Not only is Xfinity simple enough that even I can make my way through it, but it has incredible functions that I never thought were possible. The really cool part is we have Comcast Xfinity in our home and we weren't even using it to the full potential. Now, I know what all it can do and how much it benefits our family. 
X1: A New Way of Viewing 
     When you think of Xfinity, you may only think of cable television. That is partially true, but it is so much more. The newX1 is an actual Entertainment Operating System that is going to make your viewing experience completely interactive. Trying to search for shows or find a movie will literally take seconds with X1
     One thing that I was absolutely impressed with was the Xfinity Remote with Voice Control. This is a super simple, yet fun way to navigate. I definitely appreciate that it is available with both Spanish and English commands. My children love this X1 feature, and I have to say it is fun for adults also.
     The X1 system also has specially tailored for tv apps. Now, you can check Facebook, play Pandora, see what the weather is, and more, all while watching tv. I love that Xfinity has made it even easier to stay connected socially while I am watching my favorite shows. 
     Parents are going to love X1's Kids Zone, I know I do.  When Greg Wells, the Comcast Xfinity representative was introducing this to all of us Xfinity Moms, he introduced it as "Parental controls on steroids". I absolutely agree. As a mom who is pretty protective of what my children are viewing, Kids Zone is a lifesaver! With this X1 feature, your children can independently explore their favorite content and even discover new programs, but within your restrictions. The Kids Zone is restricted by a pass code, and it cannot be bypassed even if you reset the system. Also integrated into the X1 features is Common Sense Media's ratings and reviews. These are shown directly on the tv to help parents decide what programming is appropriate for their kiddos. For our family, X1's Kid Zone is by far the most impressive and relevant feature. I absolutely love that my children can have the freedom to explore content, but within the boundaries I have set. 
     Don't forget, if you are a Xfinity customer but you have not yet upgraded to X1, you can do it for free. The awesome people at the McCandless Crossing Xfinity Store are happy to assist. Pop in to their store with your old box and they will upgrade you to X1 at no additional cost to you. 
Xfinity Home: Feel Safe From Anywhere 
     When you leave your home, you want the peace of mind that everything, and everyone, is safe. Xfinity Home gives you that assurance, no matter where you are. Johnyne Hoyes was ourXfinity Home tour guide at the Xfinity Moms event, and she worded it perfectly, "Mom's always watching." What Xfinity Home does is gives you the power to see everything going on in your home from your computer, phone, or tablet. You can stay connected to your home while on the go through an interactive portal. 
     With Xfinity Home you get24/7 professional monitoring. Your system can be armed and disarmed by you no matter where you might be. I love this because I always forget to arm our alarm. So, if I am partway down the block, I can still use my phone to arm or disarm. You can also use X1 to access your Xfinity Home system. So, if you hear a noise outside, you can access that camera to check what the disturbance is, without leaving the couch. 24/7 video recording gives you the ability to review footage you may have missed, up to 10 days. Another great function is the ability to manage energy consumption. Your lights can be turned on/off at whatever time you wish. Thermostats can be turned up/down remotely so the house is warm for your arrival. This alone helps you save on your energy bills monthly. 
     As a parent, I loveXfinity Home. Since my children often arrive home when an adult is not there, I know I can check on them with my system. Live video monitoring allows me to see what is happening anytime I am away from home. I can also set up notifications to let me know when a door is opened. This way, I know as soon as my kiddos arrive. Xfinity Home is much more than an alarm system. It is peace of mind. 
Do Everything With Xfinity Apps 
     If you are a Comcast customer, you get eight free downloadable apps. These apps are incredible, and they are going to change how you do everything! 
     The first app is Xfinity TV. This app makes cloud DVR and live in home streaming on mobile devices for possible X1 customers. So, with this app you can: stream X1 DVR recordings at home or on the go, download those DVR recordings to mobile devices so you can view them on the go, schedule DVR recordings, and X1 customers can stream the entire channel lineup from a mobile device while inside their house. I love this app because we are a family on the go, all of the time. This app is a lifesaver because I can DVR anything for my kiddos and then download it to their devices. It keeps them busy on those long trips, and it keeps me sane. 
     Customers also get Xfinity TV GO. This app allows any customer (even those without the X1 DVR) to watch thousands of Xfinity On Demand shows and movies. You can also stream TV channels and download some shows to your mobile device. 
     With theXfinity TV Remote and X1 Remote apps, you control your system. The functions of each remote are based on the system you have. Keep in mind, if you want to upgrade to X1, you can do it for free! Just take your Xfinity box to the Xfinity Store in McCandless Crossing and the kind people there will help you.
     Xfinity Home is an additional app all Comcast customers can download. This app will allow you to manage and monitor your home security. 
     The Xfinity WiFi app brings you a map of all Xfinity hotspots in your area. The part that I absolutely love about this is that once you are signed into a Xfinity hotspot, it always remembers you. So, when I am vacationing, all my Xfinity hotspots remember my devices. Zac Gault, the Xfinity representitive who demonstrated these apps for us, showed us how Xfinity allows you to "get all the hotspots out there." With these hotspots, you will never use data on your device again, as long as you are connected with Xfinity. 
     The Xfinity Connect app provides access to features such as email, call logs, call forwarding, Voice2Go access, and more. 
      My favorite of all the free Xfinity Mobile Apps is Xfinity Share. This app brings all Xfinity customers together by allowing you to share live stream and send photos and videos to a TV. This is my favorite because we have family all over the country, and it makes that distance disappear. Xfinity Share allows me to stream video of important moments that we don't want them to miss. First steps, baseball games, violin recitals, birthdays, holidays, my entire family can share in those moments, no matter where they are! 
     If you are apprehensive about learning new technology, like I was, Xfinity has you covered. Head over to the McCandless Crossing Xfinity store and they will walk you through these amazing products. Maybe you already have Xfinity and just want to upgrade to the X1 system, they can assist with that as well. The best part is, there will be no charge! Either way, you will love having Xfinity in your home. It is so much more than cable tv. 
As part of Xfinity Moms I did receive compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are mine. 


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This is a great initiative. Xfinity is very useful not for the viewer's experience but also for your home security. You can now have more options to choose from all movies and shows. You can have a peace of mind monitoring your home. I highly recommend this app.

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I would love to try this service, especially for Internet for my daughter for her new apartment! Thanks for sharing this review!

04/06/2016 10:44pm

We have xfinity and I absolutely LOVE their on demand selection and the voice control on their remote. Unfortunately, I've found that their internet is pretty slow considering the speed that we actually pay for. Wish they would fix that!

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I love my xfinity and love how I can watch a movie in one room, my hubby can watch another in another room and my grandchildren are all playing on there tablets or so..

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I would love some help figuring out some of the new technology! I still have trouble using several things.

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Thank you for letting me know about the updates. I like that with X1 you can just say a movie and it will bring it up.

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