It's birthday time at Chuck E Cheese! Helen Henny is the birthday girl and she wants you there to help celebrate! There is no better place for parties than the awesome funhouse, Chuck E Cheese. No matter when you go, there is always a party going on. Head over there this weekend to help Helen celebrate. 
     In case you didn't know, Helen Henny's deep passion for music began at an early age, growing up in New York City—right down the street from Broadway! That explains how she is such an amazing performer! Helen is also a vegetarian – no meat for this chick! Who would have guessed? Of course that means she probably adores the yummy salad bar at Check E Cheese, I know that is my favorite thing to eat! Helen is a great singer, but she's also an amazing gamer and takes pride in mastering every new game at Chuck E. Cheese's. For most people I know, the games are the most exciting part at Check E Cheese, Henny agrees! Did you know, Helen first met Chuck E. when he challenged her to a game of Pong (which of course she won!). Imagine, if they wouldn't have played Pong, we wouldn't be celebrating her birthday this weekend! 
     Head over to Check E Cheese this weekend to help this awesome chick celebrate her big day! Be sure to enter below so you can win a Helen Henny's Big Birthday Prize Pack! You get a present too for Helen's birthday if you are the big winner! See you at Check E Cheese! 
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05/28/2016 6:50pm

Who didn't love Chuck E Cheese! My kids loved it and so did my husband. My grand kids will too!

Patty wright
05/28/2016 8:02pm

We used to have a chuck e cheese about an hour away but it's been closed for years. Wish we had one close

05/29/2016 2:11pm

My kids love going to Chuck E. Cheese.

05/29/2016 8:14pm

We've been going to chuckle cheese since my oldest was young and he still enjoys it lol

terri baker
05/30/2016 6:39am

My son has been begging me to take him here, but im a bit worried about the noise (he has autism and sensory disorder) but if he wants to try, we will... with headphones!!

Leigh Anne Borders
05/30/2016 9:02am

We love taking our fmaily to Chuck E Cheese. They always have a great time and we feel safe there.

Heidi Horne
05/30/2016 9:47am

my kids would love this there birthday comeing up and what a perfect surprize this would be.

Athena Emmanouilidis
05/30/2016 10:32am

I've taken my nieces and nephew several times.Even now that the two are older,they love the food and playing games lol

Anita Duvall
05/30/2016 11:13am

This would be great for a little surprise for good behavior.

Emily Miller
05/30/2016 11:29am

I love Chuck E Cheese!

Kelli Bryson
05/30/2016 1:54pm

We love Chuck Eye Cheeses!

Diana Vuong
05/30/2016 3:19pm

I haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese with my son yet, but I can't wait if I win!

Jill Rivera
06/03/2016 4:51am

Chuck E Cheese is a fun restaurant to take the grandchildren.

06/06/2016 7:12am

we love chuck e cheeses! so fun!

Christine Jensen
06/06/2016 8:49am

My kids love Chuck E Cheese

Deb K
06/06/2016 10:37pm

My kids love going to Chuck E. Cheese!

Melissa S
06/08/2016 8:19am

We love Chuck E Cheese

Sadie B.
06/12/2016 5:22pm

We have not been to Chuck E Cheese in a while. It would be so much fun!

05/01/2017 1:33am

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